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Life...or something like it. Follow me: @crystalhrts



  1. Maria Onorio said...

    Maria Onorio
    Lydia Abraham said...
    I'm actually so jealous of your life hahaa! It looks sunny & extra cool. :) x
    Material Fixations said...
    Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations
    Katarzyna KoŇõcielny said...
    nice pictures and great blog!
    Melissa said...
    Great boots! Gotta love all the visual inspiration that is Instagram! Hope your summer is going well!
    bravegrrl said...
    great insta-post grrl! you rock! xo
    Jessica said...
    Wah these photos are great!!!! I'm drooling over the bbq pics

    The Lovelorn
    feather said...
    You are beautiful! I follow you on blogspot, facebook, twitter, very where !
    Bohemianbones said...
    I love these pics!!!! some made me hungry, lol...and ur cowboy boots r beyond amazing!!!
    U look so pretty on them!!!

    Heyconstance said...
    Yum yum all the food looks so delicious, I'm hungry now!
    Lateefah101 said...
    i love that colourful shirt
    nice blog,new follower
    check out my latest post on my blog
    Iflyastarship said...
    wait, what is that book?!? it looks so good. holy hell. do you like it? do you recommend it?!?! OMG.
    Also, can you come visit LA, now??!? <3

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